VP Brand 2019 - Supply for shrink-packaging machine SMPACK model XP650 ARX-T and DV 150 divider

In March 2019 year SIBEX Engineering supplied to company VP Brands
Shrink-packaging machine SMIPACK model XP650 ARX-T for packaging with thermo-shrink foil and bottle divider DV 150 with output 7.200 b/h.
SIBEX team received the task of finding an automatic solution for the packaging process for one of the many bottling lines in the plant.
The client's inquiry was extremely difficult because of the use of a 200ml flat shape plastic bottle, which shape and lightness needs specific guidance, arrangement and handling.
After 6 months technical clearing of the project and selection of the right manufacturer, SIBEX company won the execution of the project.
The delivered machine is able to pack’s 9 different formats for two bottle sizes,
Tray + foil / Pad + foil / only foil
With delivered technical solution from SIBEX company, the first step was made in the automation of the packaging process in the plant, the reduction of the workforce and improvement of production efficiency.
If you want us to help you too, SIBEX team stays on your disposal.

Mihalkovo 2018 – Blowing machine 8800 b/h 1,5Lt.

In January 2018y. Михалково АД Mihalkovo AD again, relied on the quality and dedication of Sibex Egineering ltd and closed their production cycle of bottling equipment for still and carbonated water (delivered by Sibex in 2017), by taking the step of purchasing of blowing machine SIAPI model SE6 + Eurochiler cooler with output 8800 b/h.
6 cavity linear blowing machine works with pressure up to 40 bars. The machine it is able to recycle the used air for operational purposes and to support secondary high pressure blowing.

Mihalkovo 2017 – bottling line for still and carbonated water 8500 b/h 1,5lt.

Again Михалково АД Mihalkovo AD ( www.mihalkovo.com) trusted and relied on the team of Sibex Engineering ltd and expanded their production base and productivity through the delivery of a complete bottling line for still and carbonated water.
The line works with 2 different bottle sizes 0.5lt. and 1.5lt. and maximum output of 8500 b/h. based on 1,5lt.
Due to the effective sizing of machines in the line combined with flexible buffer conveyors, the line operates with 100% efficient productivity.
The bottling line consist of:
1. Monoblock Rinsing/Filling/Capping Enoberg S.L.R. model 36/36/4
2. Labelling machine GOLDMASTER for polypropylene wrapround label with 12.000 b/h.
3. Shrink-packaging machine GIEMME model VEGA 30 with output 28/30 ppm.
4. Machine for handle applicator on the packages.
5. Automatic Palletizer – arrangement of the bottles, placement of intermediate plates between rows and bottles, and a separate section for stretch-film wrapping.
6. Transport system + automatization between machines with buffer conveyor, for better production efficiency.

2017 COMPASS – Labeling machine for wraparound paper label

In 2017 Sibex company succeeded to win the cannery Compass  „Compass“ as a client and accomplished the conversion of a project for the delivery of automatic labelling machine NEWTEC model LEOPARD HM 480 F10 S1 E1.
The machine it is able to apply paper label with hot melt on cans with dimensions 84mm and 38mm and 9 different heights. The speed of the machine is 9.000 cph.
With this machine the customer started automatization of the labelling process, which until now has been done manually from 10 employees per shift.
The machine was provided with a special label magazine, which allows for the operator to adjust flexible the 9 different label sizes.
The customer’s desire to have a flexible solution for the numerous can formats was successfully fulfilled.

Delivery of filling mono-block and labeling machine

In 2017 Sibex Engineering ltd. delivered to Парти клуб A&D Commercial AD the follows bottling equipment:

1. Filling Monoblock Enoberg model S.RFM.TVP 9.9.1 PXL.

2. Labeling machine NEWTEC model JAGUAR 32 DM.

The filling monoblock it is with electronic volumetric filling for still water in PET bottles with capacity of 10lt. and 11lt. with a production speed of 2.000 bph. The machine it is equipment with: 9 rinsing nozzles, 9 filling valves and single caping head for plastic screw caps 48. The labelling machine it is free-standing for self-adhesive partial paper label and it has possibility to be mounted on the conveyor belt.

Supplied a comprehensive new line for bottling still and carbonated water with set effective performance of 7.000 b/h on the basis of 1.5 l bottle

In March 2014, SIBEX supplied Baldaran Spring AD comprehensive new line for bottling still and carbonated water with set effective performance of 7.000 b/h on the basis of 1.5 l bottle. The line consists of:
- Blowing machine
- Monoblock /rinser – filler – capper /
- Shrink wrapping machine with film
- Machine for putting handles on packages
- Transport system + buffers between machines + automation
Thanks to our engineering and optimal combination of machine performances with effective buffer transport routes, the new integrated line proved effective performance of 8.400 b/h for 1.5l.
The flexibility of company SIBEX helped the client to deal with the sprung up problems during the installation and allowed the completion of the project within the agreed deadlines.
Satisfying the customer’s wishes to minimize the time to change from one format to another was a priority for the company SIBEX in this project.
Blowing machine SIAPI is equipped with fast changing format parts for quick switch from one size of the neck to another.
Monoblock ENOBERG is equipped with two closing towers for efficient closure without marriage of two of the most problematic types of caps in the branch – PCO1881 and short neck 29/25.
Apart, the monoblock is equipped with a third orientate and change parts for sports cap.

Delivered TPK Mihalkovo an installation for acquisition of CO2 from the thermal spring in the village Mihalkovo.

In January 2014, company SIBEX delivered Mihalkovo AD an installation for acquisition of CO2 from the thermal spring in the village Mihalkovo. TPK Mihalkovo is the only bottler in Bulgaria, who bottles naturally carbonated water. This investment will allow the company to use it for extra carbonation of the water with the acquired CO2 from its own source.
fully-automatic bottling line  fully-automatic bottling line

Bulgaria’s first fully-automatic bottling line for Bag-in-box

In December 2013 for the first time was delivered a fully-automatic bottling line for Bag-In-Box in Bulgaria. In these packages, so far known in the market for quality wine in large cuts, for the first time will be filled with spring water.
By investing in a production line for this new packaging, TPK Mihalkovo successfully supports the desire of its customers for the use of new environmentally friendly packaging in Bulgaria.
The investment in this new package enables Mihalkovo AD to give a boost to the development of the packaging of the whole market in Bulgaria.
We, the team of company SIBEX are proud that we are the first company in Bulgaria to deliver the equipment for this project for a new packaging of water and we are confident that this new package will win a solid position on the market.
The line is composed of:
- Machine for folding cartons
- Machine for filling bags
- Machine for placing the bags in cardboard boxes
- Machine for closing and sealing boxes
- Semi-automatic palletizer for boxes.
 fully-automatic bottling line  fully-automatic bottling line

Supply of syrup room and CIP - system

In September 2013 we were pleased to deliver to Mihalkovo AD, our long-time client, syrup room and a CIP system for existing bottling lines.
The project was funded by European funds and SIBEX performed perfectly at all the requirements of the program.
Thanks to the new syrup room, TPK Mihalkovo successfully expanded its production range and entered new markets.