Over 20 years of experience on the market – more than 50 successful projects!

Registered in 1994 in Vienna. Austria.
With sales representation in Sofia, |Bulgaria - SIBEX.

Field of activity:
Trade with complete bottling lines / starting from manufacturing of PET bottles to palletization / and free standing machines from Italy, Austria, France and Germany for bottling, labelling, packing and palletizing of all kind of liquids:

  • water- still and carbonated
  • soft drinks
  • high alcoholic drinks
  • wine, beer, vegetable oil etc
  • spare parts for these machines
  • consumables

In collaboration with Bulgarian companies we provide development of technological projects, start up and after sales service of the delivered equipment.


  • 1 000 - 40 000 bottles per hour

Volume of the containers:

  • 0,250 - 20 l., PET and glass

The professional technical and technological solutions, combined with careful selection of the manufacturers are the guarantee for optimal correlation between European quality and competitive prices.

Last news

  • In March 2014, SIBEX supplied Baldaran Spring AD comprehensive new line for bottling still and carbonated water with set effective performance of 7.000 b/h on the basis of 1.5 l bottle. The line consists of:
    - Blowing machine
    - Monoblock /rinser – filler – capper /
    - Shrink wrapping machine with film


  • In January 2014, company SIBEX delivered Mihalkovo AD an installation for acquisition of CO2 from the thermal spring in the village Mihalkovo. TPK Mihalkovo is the only bottler in Bulgaria, who bottles naturally carbonated water. This investment will allow the company to use it for extra carbonation of the water with the acquired CO2 from its own source.


  • In December 2013 for the first time was delivered a fully-automatic bottling line for Bag-In-Box in Bulgaria. In these packages, so far known in the market for quality wine in large cuts, for the first time will be filled with spring water.
    By investing in a production line for this new packaging, TPK Mihalkovo successfully supports the desire of its customers for the use of new environmentally friendly packaging in Bulgaria.


  • In September 2013 we were pleased to deliver to Mihalkovo AD, our long-time client, syrup room and a CIP system for existing bottling lines.
    The project was funded by European funds and SIBEX performed perfectly at all the requirements of the program.